Olympic Fun Day Is July 28

Patch is excited to be joining with First Lady Michelle Obama for Olympic Fun Day.

There’s something about watching Olympic athletes that makes you want to get off the couch and go break a world record.

Well, maybe not a world record. But at least run around outside.

Which is why Patch is excited to be joining with First Lady Michelle Obama for Olympic Fun Day. The First Lady is leading the U.S. Olympic delegation at the Summer Games opening ceremonies in London Friday, July 27. Her fitness initiative, Let’s Move, and Patch are teaming up to bring Olympic sports to life for you and your family in your town. Here's how:

1. If you (or anyone you know) are interested in trying an Olympic sport, check out Partnership for a Healthier America’s website, where you can track down professionals who offer instruction in your region in everything from swimming to cycling to track and field.

2. You can find local Olympic Fun Day events on the First Lady’s Let’s Move website, which right now has a great page about how to set up your own local Olympics, full of fun and fresh air!

3. Check out our Directory and Events Calendar. We have listings for places that teach everything from karate to weight training. There's also events such this being run by the Or if you are looking for a great venue to watch events that are more fun with a crowd, check out our listing of great local sports bars.

4. Read about , who flew to England last month to participate in the Olympic torch relay.

And don't forget to go for the gold!


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