Oswego East Teacher to Compete in America’s Strongest Woman Competition

Physical education teacher Kim Baum will compete in the middle class weight division for strongwoman.

Credit Kim Baum
Credit Kim Baum

Oswego East’s new PE teacher Kim Baum is currently ranked third strongest woman in the country and in the world for her weight class.

She will be competing in America’s Strongest Women competition on October 18 in Denison, Texas. Baum is part of a team at Jakked Hardcore gym.

In 2010, she was asked at her gym if she was interested in the sport strongwoman.  

“At first I was skeptical about it… I went to a couple of the practices and they had me try out some of the implements… I tried it and I was good at it so I stuck with it,” said Baum.

A month after she started her training, she started competing and has done about 15 competitions in the past three years.

“Last year was my first year competing in America’s Strongest Women which I’m competing in next week. Also, last year I tied for second in points, but I ended up getting third because of placings,” said Baum.

About 10 weeks ago, America’s Strongest posted the events all competitors would be competing in, and ever since Baum has been preparing nonstop.

“I’ve been doing my strongman event, like actually working with the implements we have at our gym normally twice a week. On Saturdays we have our big team practice and Sundays are my rest days. Besides that I do cardio to keep up my conditioning and I lift weights probably six days a week,” Baum said.

Baum has also been watching her diet, trying to eat clean keeping her micronutrients balanced to stay energized for the competition.

She will be competing in 7 different events including axle clean and press, yoke carry, atlas stone carry and load, frame dead lifts, and more.

“I’m a little nervous about the frame carry because it’s the only event in my competition weight that I haven’t been able to do. It is 500 pounds and you have to carry it in your hands and its all grip which is something I struggle with,” said Baum.

During her tough training periods, the thought that “someone is working harder than me,” keeps her motivation up.

“My teammates keep me going too…when teammates are there and everyone’s going for a personal best, it keeps me motivated. All my fans too…on my fan page people inbox me and congratulate me. This is new for me, and this past year I have gotten well recognized for moving out from normal competitions to nationals to the world level,” Baum said.

After the competition she will try to take a break from strongwoman despite her love for the sport and will start a physique show. But a break from strongman doesn’t mean a break from lifting and competing for Baum.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a sport where I’ve ever been this excited about something and my team is awesome, but my body just needs a break. I’m telling myself I’m going to take a year off from strongman, but I don’t know if that will necessarily hold true. But strongman is something I can always come back to.”

For more updates on Kim Baum, visit her YouTube channel.
Kristen Mattson October 09, 2013 at 09:28 PM
Rock on, Kim! You are an awesome inspiration to the kids you teach.


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