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Jane Enviere February 16, 2012 at 11:47 PM
@Robyn -- I would love to see signs of improvement, but all I see are foreclosures and homes in my area selling for well over $100K less than what they were purchased for only a few years ago. Well after 2004. Including the few that have sat empty, with no signage on them for a couple of years now. Every so often the bank must send someone to mow the lawn. That's it. I don't think they will be able to pass an operating referendum. Needed or not. I hope that they are thinking about that and planning for how to operate without it. I'm not even saying that I would or would not support one. I'm just saying that I do not think they will get one through, period.
patricia hish February 17, 2012 at 12:44 AM
Thank You Robyn, I wasn't sure I explained that one correctly. I agree with you on the student population, it's most certainly there. I've heard from several teachers and they are just as worried as the rest of us. My family will support them 100%. My husband is in the engineering and construction field and their is actually work on the books for this coming spring, that's a great sign. It doesn't mean the big boom is back but the wheels are starting to turn and that's a start. Robyn you see what I see, we have businesses moving in and building is trickling in. I'm staying positive as things could be worse. As far as the housing market we were all paying way to much for homes. It was like a speeding train that was out of control and it finally crashed. I think it will be a very long time before we ever see prices like that again. I know what we lost when we sold but we've moved on. My baby will be off to college soon and I want to enjoy the time I have left with him at home. Life is what you make of it and I've decided to take the road that works for us. Jill, your welcome and hoped it helped. Robyn, nice hearing from you again!
John Graff February 17, 2012 at 04:49 PM
@Robin Vickers: Thank you for your recent post regarding the forward actions of previous Boards to stem the financial stress of our district during the 2008 housing crash. During that period we asked each building adminstrator to cut their building budgets by 10% after additional cuts were already in place. We did not hire the number of new teachers that were required by our increasing student population, the administration took a pay freeze for one year and we reduced the budget by millions. That being said, the "rebound" we are experiencing will NEVER resemble the heydays of pre 2008. The economies of that time are past and our new reality is softer than we experienced in the past. Has anyone tried to get into one of Rt 34 restaurants on a Friday or Saturday? The lines are long and the restaurants are packed. We have welcomed several new businesses to our community, including Jersey Mikes, the Cupcake Shop in Mason Square, the Man Store, the Craft Brewery and the Pizza Shop downtown. The new economy will continue to grow and we will settle into our new normal.
Jill February 17, 2012 at 06:29 PM
More time needed to decide: Wait at least 1 year to send 1 Aurora school to Murphy - Current enrollment at Hunt Club is 338 students, Old Post is 409, and Grande Park is 411. There are elementary schools in the district with fewer students than other elementaries so demanding opening up Murphy with same conditions as other junior highs, while I sympathize with Grande Park residents, doesn't hold water when it is currently not done at the elementaries that are already in existence. There is still much information that the Board of Education needs to in order to decide which Aurora school will go to Murphy - 1) Can Wolf's Crossing realistically be a walking school? Could this be accomplished by end of August when school year begins? What capital improvements have to be made? What are the associated costs? What are the liability issues? 2) What are the most efficient transportation routes to Murphy from Wheatlands, Wolf's Crossing, and Homestead? All Wheatlands students (including Four Points subdivision) can take Hafenrichter to Route 34 to Route 30 to Murphy (current high school route). Four Points can also get onto Route 34 at Ridge Ave where there is a light. These are very efficient routes. Starting point for all schools is Route 30 and Wolf's Crossing. Which routes from each of these schools/subdivisions would be most effective? If Wolf's Crossing becomes a walking school, it would be best to avoid Eola Rd and Wolf's Crossing St. (Continued)
Jill February 17, 2012 at 06:30 PM
(Continued from previous post) 3) Relieving Bednarcik and giving Bednarcik manageable enrollment for the long term - Homestead is landlocked. However there are numerous unimproved lots in Wheatlands, and there are undeveloped land in Wolf's Crossing. Having both Wheatlands and Wolf's Crossing go to Bednarcik would provide much less stability to Bednarcik enrollment than if 1 of the schools - Wheatlands or Wolf's Crossing - went to Murphy. 4) There are differing enrollment numbers and projections given by the district. Board of Education needs to receive accurate numbers.


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