Oswego 308 Hires New Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Judy Minor will begin working with District 308 on July 1.

The Oswego 308 Board of Education unanimously approved the hiring of a new assistant superintendent of teaching and learning.

Dr. Judy Minor, who currently serves as the assistant superintendent of teaching and learning at School District 99, will begin her position within Oswego 308 on July 1.

She replaces Marsha Hollis, who left the district last June. Minor’s base salary is $135,000.

Superintendent Matthew Wendt said there were over 40 candidates for the position, which was narrowed to twelve. “We were very pleased with having parents, faculty, staff members and administration help us find the best person for the job.”

Minor comes to District 308 with more than 18 years in education. Before District 99, Minor served as the director of staff support services in Township High School District 214 in Arlington Heights and director of curriculum, instruction and staff development at Community High School District 94 in West Chicago.

She previously served to that as an English/interdisciplinary teacher in Community High School District 94 in West Chicago and served a substitute teacher for a year in Bithburg, Germany.

Minor also worked in journalism for two different publications from 1987-1992 and has authored six education publications.

“I really appreciate having the opportunity to recommend an exceptional leader for this very important position in our district,” said Wendt. “She brings a world class lens to a district that has aspirations of moving forward towards world class.”

Special thanks to District 308 for the photo. 

mike ellison February 27, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Some of us actually look at the various standardized test scores from OHS students and realize that there hasn't been much progress in recent years. So intellegent people refuse to trust the hiring decisions in this district, especially if its an administrative position. Come back here in a few years and show me the increased test scores as a result of this hiring. I can show you lackluster performance over the years which is indicative of prior poor decisions. Good luck.
Jen February 27, 2013 at 06:38 PM
Oh yeah. Welcome to Kendall County and it's schools. Welcome to corruption. I'm sure you'll reap the harvest. Soon to be a spoiled harvest for many. Money Grubbers.
Richard Saunders February 27, 2013 at 07:24 PM
She's held administrative positions at three high school districts in Illinois - one of which is about 2/3 as large as 308, which is a K-12 district. Her educational background certainly qualifies her, and no one can fault her for seeking out a job in a unit district, it's kind of a natural progression for her. As to Jen's comment about seeing how things would go without filling the position, that's just plain absurd. The Asst. Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, or whatever name it might go by in other districts is THE person most responsible for ensuring that students are learning. Find me one single comparably sized, or unit school district in the state without someone in the position. Go on, I'll sit here and wait. . . . . . . . Didn't think so. As to her performance? Well hiring a sock puppet would be an improvement over Hollis-Golden, so while her bar isn't set too high, I think we should be welcoming her and wishing her luck.
Ed Hildy February 27, 2013 at 08:35 PM
It seems like it would be exhausting to be so negative all the time...
Jerry Bannister February 27, 2013 at 09:36 PM
Ed, it is exhausting and exasperating. But somebody has to do it. Sometimes this negativity, harping and cynicism can be hard to take, I get that. But please understand, and this is coming from someone who is VERY familiar and involved with local politics, if it were not for some of us constantly raising these questions it would be more chaotic than it already is. Almost NOTHING is at is seems on either side of the isle. Most elected officials and government employees are great people, putting in an honest day’s work for a fair price. Make no mistake, there are enough that don't that we have to be vigilant and question everything. Trust but verify, right?! In my own endeavors I have had people at the highest level of county government lie about my intentions and about what costs were going to be. The only apparent reason was to protect their power since at any other time they were willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on pet projects. That old saying fits perfectly here: Sausage tastes great, but you don't want to see it being made. And Kendall County government (all government really), including the schools is a BIG piece of sh, sausage let me tell you. It's gotten better, and will continue to improve as long as the "negative" people don't give up and quit caring enough to weed out the bad stuff. Take care...


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