Montgomery Alliance Aims to Spotlight the Arts

Art Alliance organizer Marion Bond says it's time for the community to show its artistic side.

The recently formed Montgomery Arts Alliance seeks volunteers and ideas to infuse more art into the community.

The Arts Alliance hopes to bring the benefits of the arts to the Montgomery community. Their plans include: organizing and sponsoring hands-on art events; collaborating with the schools to enrich their art programs; and educating the public about the real and long-term benefits of the arts.

The Arts Alliance is holding an organizational and planning meeting on Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the Montgomery Village Hall, 200 River St. All who enjoy art and want to promote the arts are encouraged to attend.

The Arts Alliance is currently planning three projects. They will host a booth at , offering a hands-on art project. Organizer Marion Bond said the Arts Alliance secured a donation from Wal-Mart, so the project will be offered at low or no-cost.

The Arts Alliance is also brainstorming an Art in the Park event for this fall. Bond said the event will encourage community members to enjoy and appreciate art. Among other activities, a photography hike is being planned.

The Arts Alliance has contacted Montgomery’s elementary schools and hopes to collaborate to enhance their art programs.

Bond said art brings her joy and the educational benefits are amazing, affecting all areas of life. She decided that “somebody just had to do something to let people in the community take part in art projects.”

Bond began researching other art organizations and recruiting volunteers in April. The Arts Alliance currently has nine volunteers who Bond described as “enthusiastic, joyful and fun – exactly what art is all about. The enthusiasm is contagious,” she said.

Bond said her role is to facilitate and gather ideas. She said her interest is in visual arts and she hopes to involve others who can incorporate dance and music.

“There’s a lot of talent in Montgomery,” Bond said. She’s hoping to tap into that talent to bring a variety of art activities and appreciation to the Montgomery community.

Contact Marion Bond at marion@marionbond.com for additional information.


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