'Happy Days' Star Makes Appearance at Montgomery School

Henry Winkler visited the Oswego School District 308 campus last week.

Actor Henry Winkler at Boulder Hill. Credit: Oswego School District 308.
Actor Henry Winkler at Boulder Hill. Credit: Oswego School District 308.
"The Fonz" made an appearance in District 308 last week.

"Happy Days" actor and author Henry Winkler visited Boulder Hill Elementary in Montgomery with co-author Lin Oliver to talk about their Hank Zipzer series of books, the writing process, and what it’s like to go through school with a learning disability. 

Winkler told students he struggled in school when he was younger, and now knows he has dyslexia, according to the Oswego School District website. The main character in the "Hank Zipzer" series also has a learning disability.

"Even if school is challenging, there’s something out there that you're good at," Winkler said to the students. "Your job is to figure out your greatness and give it to the world."

Winkler was also in town for an event at Anderson’s Book Shop in Naperville. Because the school used Anderson’s for a book fair recently, they had access to the authors for promotional events, Boulder Hill librarian Ruth Scanlon said. 

Before Winkler left the stage, students asked him to don a leather jacket and “fix” a paper cutout of a jukebox hanging in the gym, a reference to his character on “Happy Days.” He banged the jukebox and some music started. 

Boulder Hill Principal Mike Mitchinson was pleased with the Winkler appearance. 

“We’re absolutely excited to have such a special person with so many talents,” he said. 

Click here for photos of Winkler's visit.
Marla Johnson February 20, 2014 at 06:23 PM
Would have been nice if this was an open event where all the children in the area could have attended, not just the kids at Boulder Hill.


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