District 308 School Board Hires 6 Administrators

Board working to replace spring/summer resignations.

 has made a dent in replacing several administrators who have left the district in the past few months.

The School Board unanimously approved the hiring of six administrators at a special meeting Monday night, including a new director of business services and a principal for Plank Junior High.

Sharon Hassberger takes over the business services position , who left the district for Plainfield Consolidated Unit School District 202. Hassberger comes to District 308 from Big Hollow School District in Ingleside, where she served as business manager.

Jamie Max will take over the principal position at in the new school year. Max worked from 2005-08 at The Rose Academies in Tucson, AZ as assistant principal and principal. Plank's, is now principal at James Howard Monroe Middle School in Wheaton.

At , the school board approved the hiring of two assistant principals, both of whom were already working in the district. Melissa Hinshaw had been a fourth-grade teacher at Long Beach Elementary and Aaron Haber had been a science teacher and wrestling coach at .

Leslie Weber will take over as an assistant principal at Wolf’s Crossing Elementary School. Weber most recently was a fifth-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in Plainfield.

Finally, Danial Durbin has been hired as the dean of students at OEHS. Durbin has been teaching physical education at Thompson Junior High since 2006 and received his master’s degree in educational leadership in 2009. 

Read more about top administrators who left District 308 this year.

GetReal July 26, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Tim statement: “The fact remains, teachers are not 'gods walking the earth' anymore than anyone else….some are good (or even great), but the majority are not.” Reality: I am not sure who claimed teachers were ‘gods walking the earth’ but it certainly wasn’t me. In other portions of his statements Tim states that teaching is not a “mystical profession” which I also never said. In fact I have never heard anyone say that. What I do think is that teaching is a profession that should be respected. Is that wrong? Tim says the majority of teachers are not good. Again, another opinion of Tim’s stated as if it is fact. It is hard for me to believe it is not personal when he states most teachers are not good. If it was strictly a financial matter than Tim would not have brought that statement into the conversation. It seems he is attempting to belittle the job of teaching (by saying they are mostly not good) in order to somehow make it support his point that teachers compensation should be lowered.
Tim July 26, 2012 at 03:29 PM
What is being done, is to point out that no matter how good(or great) some of them are, which is what I actually said, this has nothing to do with performance or ability. It has to do with finance and funding. Whether or not you respect things based on dogma or reality is your own decision to be made, but it has absolutely nothing to do with funding and the financial circumstances involved in calculating pensions. To draw a parallel for you, if you think your house is the most beautiful one in the world, will the bank care about your aesthetic opinion if you don't pay your mortgage? I have NEVER said that their compensation should be lowered. What I have said, quite clearly and numerous times, is that they should be paying for their own pension. I'm perfectly happy with them getting EXACTLY the same pay they do now, as long as they pay for their pensions out of their own salary as defined in the salary schedule. Have you bothered to work out the financial consequences over time of what happens when a pension is based on a larger total salary than what is contributed? Did you notice your 'salary' comes with a multiplier that is used to calculate your final pension payout at retirement? While you make like very much that this is currently paid for you, the effects of compound interest assures that this will become a larger and larger problem until it is resolved. Eventually, you are going to run out of people to blame.
GetReal July 26, 2012 at 06:24 PM
"I have NEVER said that their compensation should be lowered. What I have said, quite clearly and numerous times, is that they should be paying for their own pension." So as I have said numerous times in this thread pension payment is part of total COMPENSATION to the teacher. If you truly do not want compensation to be lowered, but you want teachers to pick up the tab for retirement payments (9.4%), then you are saying you want a 9.4% raise in base salary in order to keep compensation the same. So in essence you want me to send the check instead of the BOE while making no difference to the taxpayers. While you claim you never said compensation should be lowered, I have also never made a comment if I think teachers should have compensation raised, lowered, or stay the same. However that has not stopped you from drawing conclusions on what my beliefs must be and from that conclusion you claim that I am focused on my pay. You say this as if I am not concerned with class sizes or about the kids. In fact, in your world, you already have me pegged as not caring about kids because I care somewhat about my salary. Tim statement: "If you REALLY do what is best for the kids, you would be more focused on the effects on the district as a whole when it comes to class sizes...We know where you stand, you are focused on your pay." Once again you draw conclusions about me from things that I have not even said. As if I don't care about class sizes or about kids.
GetReal July 26, 2012 at 06:51 PM
Tim - I will leave you to continue to twist words in order to make them seem like teachers have stolen something (i.e. You claim the supposed 9.4% raise, in which you cannot show me proof that it happened without an offsetting reduction in base salary, happened without public knowledge even though our contracts are public knowledge. As if information was withheld to the public.). I will leave you to state your opinion of what will happen in the future as absolute fact (i.e. employees picking up pensions throughout the state). I will leave you to continue to draw your conclusions about what I believe about teacher compensation even though I never said anything about what I think is appropriate total compensation. I will leave you to tell me that I am focused on salary (as if I should just work for whatever you personally choose). I will leave you to draw more conclusions that I don't care about kids (you throw this statement out but yet claim it is not personal). I will leave you to give more of your opinions about teachers compensation in a district in which you don't live or pay taxes in. I will leave you to speak condescendingly about teachers who you believe (and have stated) are mostly not good. You seem to really enjoy circular arguments. So I will leave you to argue with yourself (and I am sure you will continue to draw even more conclusions about me and what I believe without me actually saying them).
GetReal July 26, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Tim - In response to your McHenry Times Blog: http://preaprez.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/the-in-box-dont-make-the-mistake-of-thinking-that-pension-funds-were-diverted-because-springfield-politicians-wanted-to-do-something-the-majority-of-illinois-residents-needed-and-elected-t/


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