District 308 Announces New Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

Committee is made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

The District 308 Board of Education recently approved 23 members to the newly-created Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee, the second of four proposed committees.

Earlier this year the Board approved the Finance Advisory Committee. 

Superintendent Matthew Wendt said the Board of Education reviewed over 90 applicants for the teaching and learning advisory committee.

Board member and co-chair of the committee Alison Swanson said when choosing members for the committee they “tried to get people from every type of area.” Examples she used included parents of special education, gifted and regular students, residents with backgrounds in higher education and those without, those that have taken online classes and those with dual-language experience.

 “I am so pleased to have the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee now in place as we reform and improve the school district’s academic achievement and educational opportunities for all students,” said Wendt.

Oswego 308 residents named to the committee include: Carol Cronin, Stephanie DeCicco, Jane Edrosa, Garth Ingram, Jill Ko, Kerry Merrill, Luis Perez, Sara Poniatowski, Kathleen Ramsey, Jim Richter, Roger Sanders, Josh Stumpenhorst and Keith Wheeler.

School officials include: Karla Hoinkes (counselor), Jill Beane (teacher), Greg Pelzer (teacher), Kerri Soumar (teacher), David Brusak (principal), Pam Jensen (principal), Dr. Paul O’Malley (assistant superintendent), and Matthew Wendt (superintendent).

Board members include: Alison Swanson and Laurie Pasteris, who will serve as co-chairs.

At a later date, the new Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, and any department designee requested by the new Assistant Superintendent, will be recommended to the Board of Education for approval to this committee 

Meetings will be held monthly and will be open to the public. 


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