Some Local Residents Say Romney Won Presidential Debate

Residents watched Obama, Romney spar at Patch viewing party in Yorkville.

A handful of people watched the presidential debate Wednesday with Patch - and a majority of those people thought Republican candidate Mitt Romney came out on top.

Yorkville, Oswego and Montgomery Patch leaders invited the public to watch the debate, moderated by PBS' Jim Lehrer, at Kendall Grille in downtown Yorkville. A majority of the viewers who answered an anonymous survey afterward indicated Romney won the debate; the majority also figured the media would declare incumbent Democrat Barack Obama the winner.

Two viewers figured MSNBC would declare Obama the winner, while Fox News would declare Romney the winner.

Local Republican Dan Koukol, who is seeking re-election to Kendall County Board District 2, indicated the economy had been stalled for the past four years, making it one of the more important topics in the debate.

"Mitt was very prepared," Koukol said. "I saw those questions coming out and Mitt having answers for them. I thoroughly believed that Obama just kind of skated around them.

Meanwhile, Amy Cesich, a Democrat seeking a Kendall County Board seat in District 1, said the debate emphasized the differences between the two candidates - as it was designed to do. The moderation style didn't help Obama, though, Cesich said.

"What I didn't appreciate was Jim Lehrer; I think he was a little bit off in his moderating," Cesich said. "I've seen past moderators that have done a little bit better. I think Romney came off as being really in charge, where as Obama was a bit more respectful of Jim and his role as a moderator."

Patch Facebook pages were full of activity during and immediately after the debates. Here are what some Facebook fans had to say:

"Romney [won] without any doubt! Obama didn't say anything that remotely confirmed he has a clue about what's going on in America!" -- Lisa Stallmann-Wise

"Romney absolutely dominated the debate. Hopefully a lot of people watched it to educate themselves about both candidates." -- Mike Valaitis

"Romney was a better speaker, BUT his answers were vague just delivered with passion. Obama may have been slower to respond but his answers were better, to the point, and substantial. Obama gave examples while Romney side stepped a lot. I am independent." -- Valerie Chaplin Clayton

Herm October 04, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Just goes to show you that there are never winners in the debate between political parties or religion. Every individual has their own reasons for feeling the way they do and they see each candidate from a different set of view points. If your candidate did not do too well, then blame the moderator. If you feel the moderaor is weak, then blame the candidate you don't like. The last one I enjoyed seeing in these debates was Ronald Reagan. Nobody could think on their feet like him. By the by, it is probably not PC to tell the current or potential future President of the United States to shut up, your time is over.
Eric Roberts October 04, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Yeah...he won if you consider spewing lies all night winning...
Eric Roberts October 04, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Herm...that is the moderator's job.
Scott Shallcross October 13, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Romney won for intensity, but Obama was much more truthful. There must be a video somewhere of Romney debating himself, giving two opposing answers to a multitude of questions.
Mitch Carter October 13, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Obama is a failure and an empty suit. He most definitely did not win this debate on any grounds whatsoever. Mitt Romney crushed him once and he shall crush him again.


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