Sheriff's Office, County Facing Sexual Harrassment Lawsuits

Two former female deputies claim they were subjected to sexual harassment while on the job.

Two former Kendall County jail guards are suing the Sheriff's Department claiming sexual harassment, the Aurora Beacon News reported.

The two former employees, Amber Christoffel Slaughter and Nichole Porus, filed a federal lawsuit against the county and the Sheriff’s Department. The women claimed they were forced to change in a co-ed locker room in front of male co-workers. According to the lawsuit they claimed the men frequently commented on their undergarments and general appearance. The two women reported the comments to their supervisors who reportedly did nothing, the lawsuit said.

The Beacon News reported Slaughter said she was forced to resign. The paper said in the lawsuit Porus claims co-workers made false claims about her insubordination and she was fired in June 2009.

The lawsuit was filed in November. Slaughter’s case is scheduled to be in court Jan. 14 and Porus is slated to be in court on Jan. 25.

In 2010 the Kendall County Sheriff's Department settled a sexual harrassmeent lawsuit for $188,000.

Richard R December 31, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Meh I forgot to uncheck the email me updates from this article. Now I have 20 useless e-mails
Fred Barnes December 31, 2012 at 02:43 AM
No, the public did. They demand to know, and the media will sue if the information is not released to them so they can provide it to a voyeuristic public. The same media could demand the State's Attorney, or Circuit Clerk provide court adjudications so they could be published, but they don't. It's not the police who don't care if someone's reputation was wrongly maligned, it's John Q. Public.
Fred Barnes December 31, 2012 at 02:53 AM
Nope, the public created this situation, and the media will sue if the police don't release the information for them to feed to a voyeuristic public. The media could also demand the State's Attorney's Office, or the Circuit Clerk provide them with court adjudications to publish, but they don't because no one cares if someone was found not guilty, they just want the allegations. It's not the police that created this mess, it's John Q. Public. Oh, and by the way, Illinois law requires police provide arrest and booking files to the media.
shuttle2 January 20, 2013 at 08:01 PM
In response to some of the comments: my daughter was one of the former employees involved in this lawsuit. First, these lawsuits -- the two mentioned above as well as the one that has already been settled -- were all initiated around the same time. It took until now for these two lawsuits to be officially "filed"; no one is trying to "cash in" on a successful settlement. Second, my daughter clearly told me at the time about these and other incidents (that you will probably never hear about) involving her and her female co-workers at the jail. After she realized that this was an ongoing thing, my daughter began keeping detailed records documenting the incidents as they occurred. When she and her co-workers brought these matters to the attention of their superiors, they found themselves out of a job. We tend to think that situations like this no longer occur in our society, but they do.
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