Recreation, Tax Levy and Sale of Property on Council Agenda Tonight

Special meeting begins at 6 p.m. with the regular meeting at 7 p.m.

Yorkville officials are set to vote on the proposed 2013 tax levy and the sale of a parking lot to an area investor during Tuesday night's regular city council meeting at 7 p.m.

Yorkville officials are predicting a lower tax levy, with residents' property tax rates remaining much the same as the previous year. The estimated corporate and special purpose levy is $3,650,692, although the final number is expected to be lower.

What this means for residents is if someone paid $780 to the city in 2011 property taxes, but their property value fell 6 percent, which is the average drop in the city, that resident can expect to pay $778.

If a resident’s property value increased, their payment will increase up to $850 from $780.

If a property value stayed the same, the resident can expect to see his payment range from $780 to $832.

Imperial Investments and redevelop a parking lot behind the Cobblestone Building, on Van Emmon Street. The lot is about 1/10 of an acre. During a discussion of the proposal earlier this month the aldermen planned to move ahead on the sale as long as the contract included assurances the city can access to any infrastructure in the area if necessary.

Additionally Mayor Gary Golinski called for a special 6 p.m. meeting to discuss city recreation plans, following voters opposing a referendum for the city to buy the REC Center earlier this month.

Officials will likely discuss a plan to not only break ties with the REC Center, but will also likely address changes to winter recreation programs the city will offer.

Dan November 27, 2012 at 03:26 PM
There is a a distain for the Rec Center that I don't understand. It appears to service a large percentage of residents including, seniors, teens, and families. If they city buys the building the cash flow will be in the positive since there won't be a $50,000 property tax payment and the city will get rent from the 3 commercial spaces ($ amount?). It makes financial sense to buy while still providing much needed services to thousands of residents. Cutting recreation programs will most likely deter new families from moving into town. They look at amenities like this. It really appears that the "built in" dislike for the Rec Center, for what ever reason, is clouding practical judgement. I encourage people to attend this important meeting tonight where the services of this town hang in the balance.
Kibitzer November 27, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Ok, Dan, what part of "some of us don't think it's a good purchase for any reason", do you and others who support this move, not understand? Do you understand that having no extra debt hanging over the heads of taxpayers is a good reason to say, "stop"!? I say, let the "thousands of residents", (you claim), buy the building from the owners and run it like some people buy a business from owners and make it employee owned. Or let the "thousands of residents", (you claim), buy exercise equipment for home use, or have families go out and pick up trash around the town for exercise, or join some of the other businesses that help people to improve their lives. Why should I help pay for a piece of property that will end up costing me a lot of extra money down the road when the economy gets much worse and more of these "thousands of residents" have to move out of their homes, or lose their jobs, or some other unforseen event happens that keeps them from joining or maintaining a membership???? It's not "disdain". It's practicality.
Mark A Johnson November 27, 2012 at 08:50 PM
@Dan - Let's dissect your comment... "large percentage?" 1400 paid members is less than 8% of the city of 17,000. "$50,000 property tax payment" - That's $5,000 less taxes to the city and $30,000 less to the schools. Who makes up for that LOST revenue? "Cutting Rec programs" - Less than 50% of the programs are actually conducted at the facility and those are provided by the YMCA and other businesses for far less money than the Rec Center. The MAJORITY of the voting public told the council to "NOT BUY IT." What part of that don't you understand? If this is such a gold mine why are the owners and a bank, trying to unload it on a municipality? That's right, to guarantee payments to the already wealthy... You and your ilk can try to intimidate the council members tonight but the voters will have the last say in April. And let's not forget we borrowed $500,000 from the county to replace a bridge because we are broke. Not to mention the crumbling water and sewer infrastructure on the entire south side of Yorkville that is a time bomb waiting to explode. But let's make that 8% rule the fiscal responsibility of the 92% that can't afford and doesn't use it...
Tim November 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM
It looks like Mark is starting to get a hint of the problems he has started... "Not to mention the crumbling water and sewer infrastructure on the entire south side of Yorkville that is a time bomb waiting to explode." I look forward to your appearance at the Highway Department, DEMANDING they cut their budget 20%. This is your 'Waterloo moment' Mark. Either you stand there before the Highway Department and demand 'the will of the voters', or you do not do it, and nullify your entire petition calling for 'every levy' to be reduced. It turns out, that either one of these outcomes, no matter which one you choose, will make you no longer credible to any future board. These are exactly the things people have been telling you all year, when they say you have not thought this 'protest' through. The ugly truth, that you will eventually have to face, is that taxes actually need to be RAISED, just to keep the area from turning into a ghetto. All those warnings you ignored for years about the unsustainable infrastructure of an exurb under the existing low tax levies, are becoming harder and harder to ignore.
Kibitzer November 28, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Ok, Mark. I know I needn't tell you this, but I will. Don't bother trying to make any sensible arguments that will convince Tim that he hasn't really got a clue as to how the "freedom of speech" thing works. He knows what makes people who try to protest excessive spending, tick! He knows the heart and soul of those who put themselves out there just to be slammed for trying to get the attention of the electorate. Some people, though, appreciate anyone who cares enough about the overburdened taxpayer to take the heat. I have to wonder what is in Tim's make-up that causes him to verbally retaliate against so many opinions? Perhaps he is a "mensa" member. They have such high IQs, and they do know so much. No, really, they really, really do!


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