Presidential Poll: Who's Your Pick in the Week Before the Election?

Its the last of our weekly presidential polls. Consider this a practice run for next Tuesday.

Well, this is it, folks. Our last informal presidential poll.

Next Tuesday is the primary election in Illinois, when you’ll get to decide for real who should be the Republican nominee for president. This weekly poll has been an interesting experiment – it sometimes drew more than 100 voters, sometimes less than 30. Though Barack Obama routinely won, votes for Republicans (split between the four candidates) routinely outnumbered votes for him.

And though Mitt Romney is in the lead with 454 delegates as of today (according to this Wall Street Journal tracker), his opponents, particularly Rick Santorum, are still in the race, and this contest could go all the way to the Republican convention in August

Today, we will see primaries in Alabama and Mississippi (UPDATE: Santorum won both), and a caucus in Hawaii. The Missouri caucus is Saturday. And then it’s our turn.

So for the last time, we’re asking who you plan to vote for. We’ll announce the winner of this amazingly non-scientific poll on Monday, and the winner of the real, honest-to-gosh Illinois primary on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who took part in this little experiment, and please, get out and vote on Tuesday. Thank you.

Walter Baker March 14, 2012 at 10:19 PM
The so called republicans are like a traveling carnival act,,,,they all say something different every day,,,forget about the other guy and tell what you are going to do...If you do not do it we should be able to recall you after 2 years and you should only have one term [6 years] congress should have one 5 year term, and pensions and health insurance should be the same as all Americans if they do not have private insurance...this problem can be easily fixed if there was just a 3 person unbiased panel to pass the rules,,,Walter Baker


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