Presidential Poll Results: Week One

Here's how you voted in Patch's first weekly presidential poll. We'll post a new one each week until the primary election on March 20.

Our first presidential poll has come and gone.

We collected 225 votes in our first , pitting all of the remaining presidential candidates against each other. Buoyed by his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, President Barack Obama sailed to victory, with 77 votes. 

His closest Republican challenger was Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, who recently won the South Carolina primary. Gingrich pulled in 57 votes, with Sen. Ron Paul coming in third with 44. Mitt Romney took fourth with 39 votes, and Sen. Rick Santorum brought up the rear with eight.

So if Montgomery Patch voters were deciding the primary election right now, Gingrich would win. At least, last week he would have. But this week may be a different story.

Each Tuesday until the March 20 primary, we’re going to post a similar poll, asking you who has your vote for president. The hope is, when we look at all of the weekly polls, they show the changing landscape of what promises to be a heated primary campaign.

So look for the next poll tomorrow, and thanks for voting!


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