Presidential Poll Results: Week Five

Here's how you voted in the fifth of our weekly polls leading up to the March 20 primary election.

Here we are in Week Five of our presidential poll, and for the first time, a Republican has taken the gold.

We got about half as many votes this week as we did last week—only 52 people took part in our incredibly, massively unscientific poll. But 18 of them voted for Ron Paul, putting him in first place, and significantly ahead of Rick Santorum, his closest Republican challenger, with 12 votes.

Barack Obama came in second, with 15 votes. As has happened with every one of these weekly polls, we got far more Republican votes than Democrat ones, and if that continues as the primary shapes up and candidates drop out, it will be interesting.

Mitt Romney took fourth place with seven votes, and not a single participant voted for Newt Gingrich, whose star has fallen precipitously.

We’ll post a new poll tomorrow, and every Tuesday until the primary election on March 20. This week should be very interesting, with the Arizona and Michigan primaries today, and we may not come out of the week with the same number of Republican candidates we’re starting with.

Come on by tomorrow (or later in the week) and share your vote. And thanks!


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