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Patch Election Q&A: Question #2

The second in our series of in-depth Q&A sessions with the Montgomery Village Board candidates.

Welcome back to our Patch Q&A with the Montgomery Village Board candidates. This is where we let the seven candidates sink their teeth into the issues you've told us are important to you.

We asked all seven a series of five questions, taken from suggestions either emailed in from readers or posted to this site. The candidates were given no word limit, so some of these answers can get a little long. That’s why we’ve linked them all separately below. We’ll be running one question and one series of answers per day this week, so come back tomorrow for the next one.

If you missed the first question, it's .

Here’s the second question:

What are your specific ideas to make the village more business-friendly? How can Montgomery attract more businesses, and keep the ones that are here? What types of businesses would you like to see come to the village?


Rob Watermann


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