New Census Figures Mean $158,000 More for Village

Montgomery's share of state taxes is going up thanks to more than 1,300 new residents in the past two years.

The has grown by more than 1,300 people in the past two years. And that means more state money coming in, which means fewer budget woes for 2012.

Village Finance Manager Jeff Zoephel announced at Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting that he’s revised his 2012 revenue projections upward, based on new figures released  by the U.S. Census Bureau last week.

The 2010 census shows Montgomery with 18,438 residents – an increase of nearly 8.2 percent over 2008, when the village last commissioned a special census.

That means the village’s share of state income tax and local use tax is set to go up next year. Zoephel said he expects to take in an additional $126,000 into the general fund, and about $32,000 more into the motor fuel tax fund.

And that means village leaders no longer have to worry about how to pay for several one-time expenses in the 2012 budget, including a new SUV for the , an update of the community development department’s computer system, 14 new computers and a new village website.

Two weeks ago, in his initial presentation of the village’s $8.8 million 2012 budget, Zoephel suggested using about $145,000 of existing general fund balance to pay for these items. But on Tuesday he said that will no longer be necessary.

“This leaves us with a balanced budget, including the one-time items,” he said. “We’re $2,000 to the good.”

The SUV was requested by Police Chief Daniel Meyers after the recent blizzard. The new vehicle would be the department’s third SUV, and Meyers wants it because his squad cars, he said, were “incapable of handling the snow.”

Two weeks ago, he and Public Works Director Mike Pubentz estimated the cost of that SUV at $60,000. On Tuesday, Zoephel said the final cost estimate was around $50,000, and that reduction also helped balance the budget.

The village’s fiscal year begins on May 1. Several more public discussions are scheduled on the 2012 budget, which trustees must vote on by the end of April.


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