Kendall County Finance Committee Tackles Meeting Pay

Committee Chair Anne Vickery alleges board member Dan Koukol was improperly paid for 49 meetings over 16 months; she hasn't finished checking other board members' vouchers.

After spending about 25 hours reviewing fellow Kendall County Board member Dan Koukol’s meeting pay and meeting minutes, county Finance Committee Chair Anne Vickery believes he was overpaid $4,165.

Vickery plans to meet with Koukol and the county’s auditor about recovering pay for 49 meetings. Koukol, who chairs the county’s Economic Development Committee, to receive payment for attending several economic development–related meetings.

Vickery, who did not receive a Republican nomination for re-election in the March 20 primary, declined to release details on the 49 meetings, but said they included meetings for county committees of which Koukol was not a member.

Their exchange came at a county Finance Committee meeting Thursday in which the committee decided to review all county board member meeting pay vouchers on a monthly basis.

County Board Member Nancy Martin, whose term ends in December, said her fellow board members needed to follow the written policies surrounding meeting pay. County board members receive medical benefits, mileage reimbursement, a $200 monthly salary and $85 per diem for each day on which they attended a county board or county committee meeting.

“We have rules here that we might as well throw away if everybody decides they are going to make up their own,” Martin said. “… We’re not a member of a little private club that decides you’re going to watch out for each other, OK? You’re here to serve the people; you’re not here to see if you can get a little extra money from them.”

Koukol offered to write a check or provide cash for the $4,165 on the spot Thursday; Vickery told him that was not necessary.

Koukol said the Economic Development Committee had become much more active since he became its chair. He estimated he had attended more than 80 meetings related to economic development throughout the county since taking office in December 2010.

“Very few of the meetings I attend I draw a per diem,” he said. “The ones I have, which is way less than half, I had permission from the chairman of the board … It is money well invested and much more economical than sending staff.”

Vickery denied that Purcell had that power.

“I’m not sure where the idea came from that the county board chairman can bless you going to a meeting,” Vickery said. “That has never, ever been the case, unless you have stood in for the chairman on a committee or something he needs to be involved in.”

When asked outside the meeting, Purcell said he had given Koukol permission to attend some functions, but he had not documented them and was unaware if they were among the 49 meetings in dispute.

Tim April 17, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Any time you have evidence to support these claims, feel free to disclose it. In the meantime, all you are doing is fanning the flames of speculation. Ann herself decided not to give any evidence to support her claims, so I am curious where it is you are getting this evidence you are keeping hidden to support yours. Like I said - coherent challenges. Nothing in your posts is coherent, but instead rests on pure speculation.
Todd Milliron April 18, 2012 at 12:48 AM
Tim, Please provide me your email address and I will send you the Koukol Affair documentation you are seeking or you can ask Jillian to please post the same documentation I have provided the press. Jillian has already provided you the Kendall County Board Rules in this story. You will also need the two page “Kendall County Board Committee Assignment and Special Appointment” listing which was voted on by the full Kendall County Board at the beginning of this current two year term. Also needed is all of Mr. Koukol's Monthly Meeting Vouchers (19 sheets) filled out in his own hand and claimed each month by month by Mr. Koukol from Dec. 2010 to March 2012. Both were provided to Jillian in one PDF. File size is 21 pages total or 8.22 MB. The other file you will need is the two page Kendall Treasurer's Office “Payroll History” print out for Mr. Koukol from Dec. 2010 to March 2012. All these Koukol Affair Records can also be obtained from Kendall County Treasurer, Jill Ferko simply by asking, it is all public information and it something she is very familiar with. Jill's number is 630-553-4124. As I indicated, a parade of people have asked for this documentation so Jill will know what you are seeking if you just will decide to ask for it, it is a very easy thing to do and then you can come to your own informed conclusion.
Karma Gonna Get You April 20, 2012 at 01:24 AM
Tim What has Anne done to you to lash out on her as much as you do? Did Anne hurt your manly feelings at one time or another or do you just have a thing against women in general? Couple of questions for you - Do you actively attend KCB meetings do you actively participate in County issues? Or do you just peck your fingers on the keyboard hiding behind the internet listening to only one side? Todd - keep up the great work!
Jillian Duchnowski April 20, 2012 at 03:30 AM
I've added a two-page list of committee assignments and other appointments provided by Todd Milliron. It's posted as a PDF attached to this article.
Karma Gonna Get You April 20, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Did anyone hear Danny "Boy" Koukol whining and crying like a little girl yesterday on WSPY? Danny Boy was trying to explain why he over charged the county for dozens of meetings. I wonder if he had on his pink panties??


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