Jury Trials Rose in 2012, Kendall County State's Attorney Says

State's Attorney Eric Weis broke down the numbers of cases handled last year during a presentation before the Kendall County Board.

Although the overall number of court cases fell in 2012, Kendall County prosecutors handled three times as many jury trials, according to a report in the Aurora Beacon News.

State's Attorney Eric Weis presented a report to the Kendall County Board this week showing there were 14,402 cases filed in 2012, down from the 14,651 filed in 2011. Out of those, 414 were felonies, down from 429 in 2011, according to the Beacon.

During 2012, the state’s attorney’s office tried 41 trials before a jury, up significantly from the 14 jury trials in 2011. The office also tried more than 100 cases before a judge, the Beacon reported.

Weis reported the primary difference in the numbers was a reduction in traffic cases. In 2009, there were 19,269 traffic cases filed, compared to 2012's filing of 12,190 cases. Weis said the drop is primarily due to county municipalities  charging and adjudicating traffic cases under their own ordinances, instead of the state’s.


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