Auditor to Start County Board Per Diem Review Next Week

The forensic auditor will look at all 10 Kendall County Board members' meeting pay from December 2008 to June 1.

An independent forensic audit of Kendall County Board members' pay likely won't be finished this year.

Kendall County State's Attorney Eric Weis announced Tuesday that he's meeting with personnel from a Palos Heights-based firm next week to hand off meeting minutes, pay stubs and other information. Dennis Czurylo and his firm will review the requests for meeting pay surrounding all 10 county board members from December 2008 to June 1.

Czurylo’s firm had estimated the audit would take three months after the firm received the relevant paperwork. The auditor’s findings will be reported to Weis, who would use them in connection with any investigation.

Weis announced he was hiring the firm in June after long-time county board member Anne Vickery claimed fellow board member Dan Koukol had improperly sought – and received – payment for about 50 meetings since he was seated in December 2010. Vickery did not receive a Republican nomination for re-election in the primary election.

In response, County Board Chairman John Purcell found Koukol was improperly paid for three meetings since June 2011. Unlike Vickery, Purcell believes Koukol was justified in seeking payment for meetings related to his chairmanship of the county board’s Economic Development Committee, such as meetings with other local economic development organizations.

Yorkville area resident with Weis’ office. He sought a criminal investigation of Koukol's pay and of Purcell for allegedly conspiring with Koukol.


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