2012 Election Profile: Scott Gryder

Republican Scott Gryder is running for a Kendall County Board District 2 seat.

Address: 4630 McLaren Drive, Oswego, IL 60543
Campaign contact info: www.scottgryder.com
Age: 35
Family: Wife Heather and daughter Reagan
Education: BBA from University of Illinois-Springfield, Juris Doctor from DePaul University College of Law, Plano High School

Previous elected or appointed positions:  Elected as Oswego Library District Trustee, currently Vice President of the board; Oswego Transportation Commission, Chairman of Oswego Plan Commission, Chairman of Oswego Zoning Board of Appeals, Yorkville Zoning Board of Appeals, Lisle Transportation Commission, Chairman Kendall County Young Republicans, Precinct Committeeman, Secretary of Kendall County Republican Central Committee

Candidate Questions

1)   What can you do to foster economic development in Kendall County? What level of cooperation do you think is necessary with municipalities to accomplish this?

It is crucial we work to attract employers to the county. Currently, at least two-thirds of our residents leave the county every day for work.  We can help by improving our infrastructure, keeping red tape to a minimum and working with our municipalities to foster a positive business environment. 

It appears that the Kendall County Board has begun to take steps to improve but we can do better. We need to strategically plan for future economic growth.  I would like to conduct an economic assessment which can be done inexpensively with the assistance of a tailored software package as a first step. This would help us to focus our time and our efforts so we can achieve results.

Kendall County is overflowing with talented individuals, if we work together with municipalities we have a better opportunity to showcase that talent to potential employers looking for a place to call home. 

2)   Would you support a 0.75 percent RTA sales tax to locate a Metra stop in Kendall County?

I understand the tremendous benefits Metra brings to a community and am an advocate for bringing it to Kendall County.  I have discussed with residents and elected officials alike and Metra (or an Amtrak stop is also feasible) has wide spread support because of the positive impact it will have on the community. 

It is good that the Village has made it known that there is a possibility of a future sales tax to join RTA so it is not a surprise but the requirement that it be implemented is no where near a certainty. 

There are many options available to RTA, to Metra, to the residents of the county that are or will be negotiated that would not require $0.75 percent RTA sales tax increase and I will be a relentless advocate for those options.

3)    What lessons did you draw from the dog bite incident and its aftermath? Do you think the changes the county has made at Animal Control are adequate?

It appears that the controls that are in place are a vast improvement.  The matter does illustrate the need for constant and vigilant review of our procedures and policies. 

Kendall County has changed dramatically and we must have a better system in place for future review of our policies and procedures. 

4)    Do you think the redistricting process was fair for people who live in the county’s larger municipalities?

There is not currently a member of the board in District 2 that lives in a municipality.  The Village of Oswego itself makes up about half of District 2 and 28% of the total county population.  As a resident of Oswego I will bring a unique vantage point to the board in that capacity. 

5)   Aside from the issues discussed above, what issue or problem do you think the county board should address, and what action would you take if elected/re-elected?  

Respect for the residents, for individuals, among board members and between municipalities is something that has been strained and was highlighted by last year’s Ken Com dispute.  We have to approach these discussions with respect for one another’s views because in the end, the residents lose when we do not.  Thousands in legal fees were expended for this fight that could have been used on needed projects in the county.  I have had success in working with other taxing bodies for the mutual benefit of our respective taxing authorities and we can do so on the county board.

In addition, I bring a fresh perspective to the budget review process.  I believe there are areas where we may be able to implement new technologies to save taxpayer money along with a review of whether we are being as efficient as we can be at the department level.  We also must make sure our budget is balanced.


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Jane Enviere September 01, 2012 at 06:38 AM
What exactly do you mean by "(inner) city"? What an ugly comment.
Laura Bee September 02, 2012 at 05:20 AM
Reality. Inviting crime. That's what happens. Blatant honesty.
Amy Adam-Jenkins September 02, 2012 at 10:53 AM
I agree Jane. It is a very ugly comment. Wheaton (my home town), Glen Ellyn, Winfield, Naperville, Downers Grove, Lisle. All have Metra stops.
Laura Bee September 03, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Google Crime Stats and Metra. I'm not making anything up here. I grew up in Winfield Amy, it raised crime and raised taxes in that whole area. For many reasons, inclusive of needing more officers. People moved further out because they didn't want all of these things to raise taxes and invite crime. Then, people want them because it would be more convenient for them. Huh??? What?!? Move to Naperville, move to Aurora. No thanks. Don't want the higher taxes and, do not want the added crime. You can live in your fairytale world and pretend those things won't happen, but it does and it will. It's a fact. NO METRA. NO THANKS !
Sarah Chiddle April 08, 2013 at 08:09 PM
Crime is everywhere. Let's making it seem like this Suburban area is so so safe when in all actuality this is the area where entire families are killed and men, yes men that that live right on the exact same block as this wonder man that's running for office lives is creepy. So, if that train does make it's way through our town completely let's just do the right thing and keep our eyes open. ***ALWAYS TRYING TO MAKE IT SEEM AS IF ONE PLACE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. ***We can make it seem anyway that we want when the fact is the city and suburbs are both dangerous places to live; the suburbs only know how to conceal the ugliness so that it's not look upon as a bad place to live.


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