2012 Election Profile: Lynn Cullick

Republican Lynn Cullick is running for a Kendall County Board District 2 seat.

Address: 232 Angela Circle, Oswego, Illinois 60543
Campaign contact information:  (630) 551-4811, lynncullick@aol.com, Facebook Group-Lynn Cullick for Kendall County Board http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/390091034338327/
Age: 46
Family: My husband, Dan, our daughter, Madelyn (15), and our son, Dylan (11)
Education: B.S. Western Illinois University, Currently working toward my masters degree Jones International University

Previous elected or appointed positions:  

  • Old Post Elementary PTA –(President 2004-2007)
  • Current District 308 Board of Education Member (President 2009-2011)
  • District 308 Strategic Planning Committee
  • Village of Oswego Strategic Planning Committee
  • Village of Oswego Economic Development Committee-District 308 Representative

Candidate Questions

1)     What can you do to foster economic development in Kendall County? What level of cooperation do you think is necessary with municipalities to accomplish this?

The board should have a good working relationship with other local governing bodies to foster economic development in Kendall County.  There needs to be full cooperation among all boards in order to achieve success.

2)     Would you support a 0.75 percent RTA sales tax to locate a Metra stop in Kendall County?

I believe discussion of a sales tax is a bit premature at this time.  It is my understanding that Metra has just released phase one bids for an engineering study to determine feasibility.  It will now take an additional eighteen to twenty-four months to provide data.  I would not support a sales tax increase until such data has been presented and analyzed.  

3)     What lessons did you draw from the dog bite incident and its aftermath? Do you think the changes the county has made at Animal Control are adequate?

The dog bite incident was very unfortunate.  From what I gathered as I read through the articles, the changes in procedure and leadership were necessary and appropriate.  The circumstances were unique, but, measures must be in place to guard against this type of situation.  

4)     Do you think the redistricting process was fair for people who live in the county’s larger municipalities?

There should have been more dialogue between the county and its municipalities prior to any proposal. The conversation should have continued until all parties were heard from and an equitable compromise was met.     

5)     Aside from the issues discussed above, what issue or problem do you think the county board should address, and what action would you take if elected/re-elected?

I believe there is an immediate and urgent need for cooperation between all governing bodies for the benefit of all our constituents.  It is necessary to pool our resources and expertise in many instances.  One example of this was the Route 71 widening project in conjunction with the renovations to Oswego High School.


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