2012 Election Profile: Judy Gilmour

Republican Judy Gilmour is running for a Kendall County Board District 1 seat.

Address: 23 Fox Glen Dr., Yorkville, IL 60560
Contact: EMAIL:   judy@judygilmour.com  WEBSITE:  www.judygilmour.com
Age:  63
Family: Married to Tom, mother of 3 sons, grandmother of 2
Education: MS in Education, National Louis University, BS in Education, Northern Illinois University, graduate of Oswego High School
No previous elected office.

Candidate Questions

 1)   What can you do to foster economic development in Kendall County? What level of cooperation do you think is necessary with municipalities to accomplish this?

Attracting good quality economic development to the county and bringing in good paying jobs for residents is vital, and will require our leaders working cooperatively together. This is where my background experience will help us and where the relationships I have with community leaders will benefit the county.

 2)   Would you support a 0.75 percent RTA sales tax to locate a Metra stop in Kendall County?

I do not support placing an additional tax burden on our county residents.

3)    What lessons did you draw from the dog bite incident and its aftermath? Do you think the changes the county has made at Animal Control are adequate? 

Public safety must always be a top priority of the county. The lesson that can be drawn from the tragic and unfortunate dog bite incident at the Animal Control is that this incident has now resulted in a lawsuit, which the taxpayers will be paying for.

4)    Do you think the redistricting process was fair for people who live in the county’s larger municipalities?

The redistricting committee considered several alternatives to the current two-district map, and the current board voted to keep the county divided into two districts with only minor changes.

5)   Aside from the issues discussed above, what issue or problem do you think the county board should address, and what action would you take if elected/re-elected?  

I have consistently called for the county to operate within a balanced budget without raising taxes or fees. For the past 2 years I have closely watched the budget process and have attended all of the finance committee meetings during the budget hearings. As your new board member, I will not accept an unbalanced budget that shows a deficit.

KDK3 March 20, 2012 at 02:18 PM
You've got my vote!


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