2012 Election Profile: Dan Koukol

Republican Dan Koukol is running for re-election in Kendall County Board District 2.

Address: 1690 Collins Road, Oswego, IL
Campaign contact information: 630.669.1567
Age: 40
Education: WIU, Waubonsee, Real estate Institute

Previous elected or appointed positions: Currently have a seat on county board

Candidate Questions

1)   What can you do to foster economic development in Kendall County? What level of cooperation do you think is necessary with municipalities to accomplish this?

 I think we need to continue to build our edc department I have been doing that for the past year.  I took a department that was kind of at standstill and got it moving.  Cooperation between municipalties is very important I have started relationships with all of them in the county.

2)   Would you support a 0.75 percent RTA sales tax to locate a Metra stop in Kendall County?

I would have to gain more knowledge of how the tax is used and see a chart of benefits to where it helps the whole county but i am pro transportation because that is one way of growing our local economy!!!!!!!!!!

3)    What lessons did you draw from the dog bite incident and its aftermath? Do you think the changes the county has made at Animal Control are adequate?

Due to recent litigation filed I cannot comment on this.  Thank you for your understanding.

4)    Do you think the redistricting process was fair for people who live in the county’s larger municipalities?

I voted for scenario #1 which #2 passed so no consideration was given to the other plans.  People meaning constituents worked very hard on putting ideas together and I liked the input from the people!!!!!!!!!

5)   Aside from the issues discussed above, what issue or problem do you think the county board should address, and what action would you take if elected/re-elected?

I think the county must look into how our liability insurance policy is set up and possibly due some changes to save money at the annual cost.  This is one of many places of my concern there are other avenues i believe coulde be looked into for cost savings.

Minooka Mom September 01, 2012 at 04:27 AM
One idea to foster economic growth would be to stop bilking us with thousands of your per diems.


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