15 Highest Paid Village of Oswego Employees

The following information on the highest paid employees of the Village of Oswego was obtained from a FOIA request.

Salary and benefit information for public employees is public record. We post this information because we think it will be of interest to our readers, many of whom are Oswego residents and taxpayers who foot the bill.

Through the rest of the year, Oswego Patch will regularly post the highest paid individuals from Oswego's remaining taxing bodies: Oswego Police Department, Oswego Fire Department, and the Oswegoland Park District. 

We have already posted:

  • 20 Highest Paid Administrators in District 308

The following information was obtained through a FOIA request. All information reflects the salary for Fiscal Year 2013.

Name Position Salary Employer Retirement Contribution Total Annual Salary Steve Jones Village Administrator  $134,999.90  $13,972.49  $148,972.39 Mark Horton Finance Director  $117,382.93  $12,149.13  $129,532.06 Rodney Zenner Community Development Director  $104,260.21  $10,790.93  $115,051.14 Gerald Weaver Public Works Director  $105,841.01  $1,428.85  $107,269.86 Patricia Lariviere Building and Zoning Dept. Manager  $83,923.84  $8,686.12  $92,609.96 Vacant (Previously held by Tony Lucenko) Economic Development Director  $81,999.84  $8,456.98  $90,456.82 Billie Robinson Asst. Finance Director  $72,974.51  $7,552.86  $80,527.37 Ann Spears Human Resource Director  $71,330.69  $7,382.73  $78,713.42 Mark Runyon Asst. Director of Public Works  $75,478.21  $1,018.96  $76,497.17 Ronald Fox Chief Building Inspector  $67,558.61  $6,992.32  $74,550.93 Vacant (Previously held by Jeanne Hester) Village Clerk  $66,290.22  $6,861.04  $73,151.26 James Burbridge Chief Infrastructure Inspector  $64,957.98  $6,723.15  $71,681.13 Michele Bergeron Community Relations Manager  $64,374.96  $6,662.81  $71,037.77 Rick Morphey Plumbing Inspector  $64,089.17  $6,633.23  $70,722.40 Stephen Pierce Superintendent/Shop Operations  $65,477.98  $883.95  $66,361.93

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Oswegosmarts December 11, 2012 at 06:59 AM
Nice job Mike, hope all others on this post take the time and read your research. Keep in mind also that many public workers are simply hired due to patronage or nepotism and not skills.
Tim December 11, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Good to know that you can't follow basic instructions. You get 0 points. We will give you one more chance to post your links showing the comparison to private sector unions, with public sector unions. All you have posted, is links comparing public sector unions to private sector non-union, which was already shown to be inaccurate. Let's just ignore that one of your links directly contradicts what you are claiming. Do you even understand what you are reading, or did you not bother to read it at all?
Ron December 11, 2012 at 04:31 PM
It looks like Mike and Oswegosmarts are just those people who read something and think what they read is actually true when it is the complete opposite.
Greg O'Neil December 13, 2012 at 02:34 PM
You mean the 74% of the electorate crowd? They are all wrong and you have the answers is that what you're saying? The problem probably isn't as much the amount we are paying in key salaries as it is with the number of people on the public dole. There are way too many public employee serving way too few citizens. We advocate a user pays model where possible, particularly for non-essential government services like park and library programs but also for many school programs. You use it, you pay for it. The give me something for nothing crowd (the 26% who didn't for tax reduction) certainly gets all excited when the prospect of paying their own way. What kind of moron thinks the tax structure in Oswego is perfectly fine when it is among the highest rates in the entire country and puts people on fixed incomes in jeopardy of losing their homes?
Greg O'Neil December 13, 2012 at 02:39 PM
OK WikiTim, you and the 26% crowd can troll around and try and find some statistic to prove your baseless arguments. The 74% is the stat that matters, not what some hermit living in his mommies basement, smoking bongs and eating Cheetos, thinks.


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