Carbon Monoxide Found in Systems of Father and Son Found Dead in Home

County coroner says cause of death is still uncertain, awaits result of toxicology report.

Preliminary autopsy results for Joseph and Wyland Schmitt revealed amounts of carbon monoxide in their systems, Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy said.

Schmitt, 35, and his four-year-old son were found dead in the garage of their home on the 300 block of Bertram Drive Wednesday afternoon. Yorkvile police visited the house to conduct a wellness check on the pair, police said.

Although the toxin was found in their system after a Friday morning autopsy, Toftoy said he could not yet confirm whether or not the levels of the toxin were lethal.

Authorities will wait the result of a toxicology report to determine if carbon monoxide was the cause of death. The report will also indicate if any other drugs or toxins were in their systems, Toftoy said. The toxicology screening was sent to a private laboratory in Pennsylvania and results should be available within 10 days.

“We won’t be able to indicate a cause of death until we get those reports back,” Toftoy said Friday afternoon.

Schmitt was found on the floor of the garage and Wyland was found unrestrained in a chair. When authorities entered the garage the family vehicle was not running, but the keys were in the ignition and the gas tank was empty, leading investigators to believe the vehicle had been running, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

Schmitt and his wife, Kyle Weber of Naperville, were in the process of getting a divorce, the  ChicagoTribune reported.

Yorkville Police Chief Richard Hart said authorities are waiting on autopsy results before making any statements regarding the death of the two Schmitts.

Residents of the Bristol Bay neighborhood have expressed shock over the incident.

"It was a complete shock to everybody,” said neighbor Andrew Meyer, 18. “Me and my mom came home and saw all these cop cars. We’re like what happened? Did someone break in, was someone hurt?”

Meyer said he spent time at the Schmitt home over the summer helping mow the lawn as Schmitt had back problems. 

“Wyland was a cute kid,” Meyer said. “He always wanted to play with me every time I was over there.”

Stephen B October 29, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Joe was recuperating from back surgery while taking care of Wyland as Kyle live at her mother's house to be close to work. He was under a lot of pain medication. There were seeral occasions where he had to drive himself to the emergency room amd take Wyland with him sonce he wasnt getting any help. Who called the wellness check? Why? Who was the last person to speak to him? Was there foul play? Did he become ill in an attempt to drive himself to the ER again? How was he dressed? Was the car door opened? Was he in pajamas? Was he face down on the floor? Did he fall and hit his head? Was he given medication that was not prescribed to him since there were other medication in the house? Was he dehydrated? What were the contents of his stomach? There are many questions and noone is answering them. He was a good man who loved his son deeply. He had plans for the rest of his life after the divorce that he was looking forward to. He had friends who cared and loved him. It is unfair that such a sordid picture is being painted. Those who knew him well, know there is more to this story!!
Dana October 30, 2012 at 07:49 PM
I don't know them but I know this story again and again... He may have had aspergers. Mind blindness. He doesn't think about how it will affect his wife and others. He only thinks about how HE feels and he thinks the son feels the same as him. Aspergers. Appearance is huge. Must look so sweet and nice to others. Why do you think he was getting divorced? I am sure she was sick of his meltdowns and silent treatments. He wanted her as an extension of him. He wants his routine. His life the same. I know this because I left this type of relationship. I didn't want him to hurt me because I was leaving. No woman wants to leave a marriage especially when a kid is involved. But we must in order to stay sane. These Nice Guys are divorced for a reason. She didn't think he would hurt the kid. I am trying to spread the word that people with aspergers and other psych issues are very vengeful! Their mentality is very young. Please tell woman to be careful. Don't trust the guys they are divorcing. ( read; nancy and brad cooper, Cary NC )
Janet Fitch October 31, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Joe murdered his precious son by running the car until they were both dead. It was planned and deliberate and calculated. Joe did a selfish, evil thing. He took his son from his mother in the hopes that he would ruin her life. He did this to ruin lives and he succeeded. He thought he was taking his son with him, but Joe is in a very different place than Wyland. There aren't any questions that need to be answered here. Joe left nothing to be questioned. Just ask the coroner or the officers on scene. Joe had a plan alright... his plan was to murder his son, and like a coward, take his own life. Joe will suffer greatly for this, but not as much as Kyle will, and that is what he wanted. That was his motivation. To cause pain. But Joe is suffering now too and God is seeing to that. God bless Wyland and God bless Kyle.
chongsheng November 12, 2012 at 02:52 AM
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