Parent of Autistic Son Endorses Corinne Pierog in 25th District State Senate Race

Letter to the Editor: Pierog "will honestly fight for a better life for people with disabilities."

To the Editor:

As a parent of an autistic son, it’s hard to find a state legislator, who is willing to understand the issues that special needs parents face on a daily basis and has the experience to provide solutions on how to help families, not continue to live in a state, which is ranked near the bottom in the nation, in providing education and services to people with Developmental Disabilities.

I first met Corinne Pierog, when she ran against John Milner for State Senate in 2008. As a parent advocate for my son, on things related to autism, what I immediately noticed and liked about her, was her experience and knowledge about disability issues and her passion to help families like mine, even though she has no children with disabilities herself. After the election, she helped me with a project which I’m very proud to say, started with the first vocational class for special needs adults, over the age of 18, at Harper Community College in Palatine.

On her own personal time, she came with me to meetings with the President of Harper College and other administrators, to help provide myself, other parents and professionals, her knowledge and support, to establish a program for adults after high school, when they reach the age of 22, who have few to no alternatives to turn to after aging out of the high school system.  With her help with the project at Harper College, the Career Skills Institute was formed and started its first class at the Palatine campus on Sept. 5.

I hope all parents that have children with special needs like myself, vote for Corinne Pierog for state Senate in the 25th District, she will be among the few legislators that will honestly fight for a better life for people with disabilities.


Mike Baker
Schaumburg Autism Society
Schaumburg, IL


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