Where is the cool this season in tech?

MIA this holiday season, and how we can flex our minds.

Good Holiday shopping all as I went the other day to a local store to see all the great Windows 8 computers in action and to my surprise I saw four computers in total out of the twelve plus on display. This small fact was disappointing to me as a consumer because when I queried the associate in the department he said “you can always upgrade for $14.95 to Windows 8 once you purchase the computer”. The little red blood pressure thing kicked into gear as I said “no thanks” and left to call a few at the top and here is what I found out. The channel (distribution of hardware [Warehouses]) have both Windows 7 & 8 stocked to roof but the ordering for this season happen six months ago before Windows 8 was released, so the manufacturers spread the install license points over the whole quantity. The upgrade cost ($14.95) was a way for Microsoft to get the channel to be happy and to keep that license fees coming in. So with that the timing was off by maybe three months otherwise we would be seeing ninety plus percent Windows 8 systems for sale now. Okay so with that is Windows 8 the greatest thing since sliced bread or just a step forward? The answer is somewhere in the middle but only time will tell if it is and will be an evolutional change or a step in computer environments.

Okay enough of Windows and computers let us now talk tablets. I have been in that hunt mode for the next tablet that will soon be sitting on my lap like many. The recent release of Windows 8 RT for ARM based processors has now helped round out the tablet market. I had the chance to play with a Microsoft Surface tablet and while it was a subset of my desktop it just seemed a little flat and expensive on top of that. The fact that office applications are included for free the question many should be asking is that why I’m buying into the surface tablet. I quickly after playing with the office applications found that it is an extension of my real world, but a laptop is just as good but you still need to purchase office. So while free office is a nice carrot being held out it isn’t making me crack open the wallet just yet, so the search continues. I do however love my Toshiba tablet running ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich – ANDROID) but it is more of a quick browser to the internet and book reader than a hard core office extender and an IPAD just seems to be similar but a little different. I think the issue is the applications are just not application but more lite versions in need of more. I’m sure finding that real use application that will make a new tablet needed is around the corner, but the real question is when will they show up?

CAW (Cool Application of Week)

It is coming, the new phone book, wait that’s from the Jerk not from me the GEEK. No what is coming is old age for all of us. The need to keep our minds engaged and tested so we don’t become obtuse is more important than food or is that shoe laces. So with that try MATHRAPID and flex your cranium muscles so they don’t go the way of the dodo bird (Raphus cucullatus).

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