The Dark Reader Rides Again... And Without a Flashlight

Security and why Dark Reading is a good thing!

Dark reading years ago was when you read something with a dark plot to it. Today, dark reading has more to do with security in the computer world.

This specialized branch of the computer world is a true geek’s dream of turning the real world on its side. Specialized software engineers work in clean environments where two computers are in use. One of these computers is typically infected with a security threat, and the other his/her custom built workstation (my computer is Igor by name), which has every type of software to aid understanding a security threat. The engineer will work the problem to understand how this threat was written and what effects it will have on the end user's computer.

While these super geeks work the threat, there is also a group working to prevent threats showing up in the first place. Weekly I get updates and reading materials call "dark reading" from several sources so I can harden my client’s networks—and write within our software traps if needed—to aid in preventing the spread of these viruses, malware, trojans and DDOS services. You see, it takes many to keep us all safe, even a geek in Montgomery adding his small share to the collective by keeping a careful watch. OK, so I have several tasks to aid in the collective.

  1. Install and keep antivirus software current.
  2. Do not open emails from people you don’t know.
  3. Watch over your children's computer use.
  4. Update your OS (Operating System) often. Stay current!
  5. Backup your important stuff!!

These simple steps will help everyone worldwide by not painting a big target on your home computers. Now, if you are a good user you can go years without an issue, but just one incursion into the dark side will cause you great pain. So please keep a watchful eye on your world because many are some bad and some dark readers (the good guys)!

CAW (Cool Application of the Week):

More of a warning than anything else folks, read on. The other day I was at a well-known coffee house getting a quick fix of java when I had the need to open my laptop to answer a support call. I quickly connected and got the job done and was ready to snap the laptop closed when I thought, "Let’s check how secure the network is here and for that matter all the people in the place."

Well, here is the news on what I found. Fourteen people in the place, I could see nine of those peoples' data freely.

Here is short list of why I could tip toe around. In most cases, people had turned off the firewall or had turned on file sharing and simply forgot to correct those small but huge details. Please, please make sure when out and about to turn off file sharing and also turn on the firewall!

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