Summer is for kids.

Fast ball is coming better duck!

Remember back when summer was outside with your pals playing under the street lights, or hanging with your best gal pal at the dairy hut for a great cone?

Seems those days have long gone to the side for us and well our kids also. Gone are the simple things like that cone all dripping or playing catch until the night made the ball a weapon. Now our summer is filled with trying to even get the kids to come outside let alone a vacation. Where did we go wrong, did we simply miss a step along the way?  It was easy to get us back then out of the house because that was where the cool stuff was. Cool stuff is now everywhere not just at the pool or a ride on the bike to get away. Cool stuff is in our hand with phones that do everything, and music that now plays in our ears without the big BOOM - BOOM of old (I sort of like the new way).

 So how do we engage our kids to want that walk to the corner for a cone with us old folks? What is your secret, because for the Nelson’s it is meals at the table, and turning off that television if only for an hour?  What we found is that the sky didn’t fall and you know you find out many things when you just talk. My kids like yours are very intelligent when it comes to, well everything new. They have a great grasp on life which shocked the hell out me at first and then it dawned on me “We may have got it right” because they know more then they let on to.

 The issue is they don’t talk about it because they are now focused not on whether or not the ball is going to hit you in the nose but processing all the stimulus they have been born into. So do we stop that stimulus or do we let it continue is the question forced on us today. So while Summer was great as a kid in the 60’s the new generation just may become something unique and time will tell if they learned that a ball thrown at 80 MPH in the dusk can leave one big bloody mess!

CAW (Cool Application of Week)

This week is all about your family so get up and go to the FEST! I’ll be there off and on. Look for me in the Patch Booth or in the Republican Booth talking and shaking hands. Would love to hear from you!

(Sorry for Delay Posting - The Patch had tech issues)

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