My VW is Like My Keyboard and Needs Repair

I need a wrench to fix my computer.

I remember when I could take the engine out of my old 63 VW Bug in under two hours and rebuild almost anything broken and have it back in it and running down the road. Those days helped me trouble shoot complex issues and focus on solutions that others would hand over to the local shade tree mechanic.

Today in computers we keep our computers humming along with help from a group of GEEKS and directly from the OS (Operating System) and software manufacturers. These updates and fixes come at us frequently and sometimes a little hands on is required, but get ready people those of us using older than Windows 7 and older Apple iOS versions are paying a price or soon will be.  The issue comes down to age and the desire to provide updates and support to these aging systems. Think of it as keeping an aged auto running well past its years. We change this and that but at some point the nickels and dimes for repairs start adding up.

Microsoft just released a white paper (study) detailing cost for XP and all those nickels and dimes that are now facing businesses and consumers. The cost is now somewhere at the point of Windows 7 and the latest Apple iOS updates should be purchased and installed. The estimate of five times the cost seems a little high from the study but I can clearly see doubled cost.

Microsoft and others are warning all too often that keeping current can save time and money in the long run. The fact that Windows XP is set to life end April 8, 2014 is a telling of the future and your cost for fixing things.

I know many are saying “it still works and why fix something that isn’t broke” and well you may be correct if nothing in your computer world ever changes. Well folks my world changes often enough that the small investments in new tech actually pays for those upgrades within a short time. Now I’m not saying run out and buy new computers, but I’m saying maybe an upgrade to Windows and maybe an upgrade to your memory is in order. You may get back some if not all your hard earned cash because with new features and peace of mind things will just be better.

There is one warning on an upgrade that may cost you big dollars, that being if you are using some software that is not Windows 7 aware or iOS stable. Then maybe the next step should be a new computer and updated software. Remember like that FRAM OIL guy would say “pay me now or pay me later” is even true in computers or is that VW’s either way staying current is always the best cost saver!

CAW (Cool Application of Week)

So much going on this week in the industry, so my CAW is instead more news you can use.  Some major issues are rising for all you Blackberry owner/users. The company is standing on quicksand and someone just threw them a piano to hold on to.  If you have a Blackberry device run don’t walk to your phone provider and switch is all I can say.

Microsoft released Windows 8 final preview to the internet so if you have an extra PC hanging around try it out.  Apple TV is coming and soon. The Internet based set just cleared a FCC ruling so watch for something soon from Apple.

Hard drives and memory have become stable on pricing, so if you have been waiting to upgrade you should be okay.  CAW will return next week and maybe I’ll have a rollup of software and a few new toys for you.

Be safe. All the kids are home from school now so SLOW down and watch more because they aren’t!

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