Mom: Son Surviving Fall from High Dive a Miracle

Mom Nicole Davis says her 9-year-old son is taking accident at grandparents' house like a champ.

To hear Nicole Davis tell the story, her 9-year-old son Gamble is lucky to be alive.

The fifth-grader has survived quite the ordeal over the past week, stemming back to July 7 when he slipped off 15-foot diving board at his grandparents’ house in Ohio and landed on his hands, feet and face on a wooden deck below.

The fall, which could have easily left Gamble with broken bones or even brain damage, has left him with only injuries to his mouth and foot that will require many painful procedures, including plastic surgery.

“This is such a miracle,” Nicole said this week. “I’m just so thankful. He's lucky to be alive."

The Davis family, which includes dad Kevin and 5-year-old daughter Random, was vacationing at the home of Nicole’s parents in rural Wauseon, Ohio. Gamble had been diving off the diving board into the 25-foot deep pond all day and loving it, Nicole said. However, right before the fall, Gamble tried to stop mid-stride while running out to the end of the board and lost his balance, falling to the deck.

Nicole didn’t see the fall herself. She was laid up in a nearby hospital with pneumonia. But according to those who were there, Nicole said Gamble got right back up and began running around. Because there were no broken bones, Kevin rushed Gamble to Saint Luke’s Hospital in Maumee where Nicole was recovering.

"I was asleep when they brought him in," Nicole said. "My mom had to wake me up from a pretty deep sleep."

It was at Saint Luke's that doctors discovered the extent of Gamble’s mouth injuries. He was then transferred to Toledo Children’s Hospital where he stayed for three days.

Since starting his recovery full-time back at home, Nicole said Gamble has taken the days ahead in stride.

“He’s been so amazing through this whole thing,” she said. “He’s taking every challenge and acting like it’s no big deal.”

Gamble should be able to start school on time, and even though he’s missing a lot of birthday parties and pretty much has to take it easy for now, he’s not letting the accident completely ruin his summer.

“He’s suppose to start a science class at Waubonsee next week and said he still plans on going,” Nicole said. 

The family is also extremely grateful for the support they have received from the community through the ordeal. 

"It's been amazing," Nicole said. 

Read more about Gamble on Patch:

Kelly Frazier July 15, 2012 at 08:33 AM
Glad to hear Gamble is doing well! Storm and Mints are surely keeping him in good company and his spirits high. Best wishes on a speedy recovery! Sincerely, Mr. Cream's "foster parents" ;)


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