Kevin Sings the News: New Year

Patch troubadour Kevin Trudo figures a new year is another chance to do it right.

As 2011 wanes, Patch troubadour Kevin Trudo recaps a week of headlines in the southwest suburbs and looks forward to 2012, a year that ends with an even number.

This week's headlines took us from the resignation of one superintendent and the in Lemont, to people paying off , to an Oswego woman who is . "The Girl with the White Board" Lauren Lawson was featured as Huffington Post's Greatest Person of the Day on Tuesday.

They also featured donors supporting a to see Garth Brooks, and the donating meals to those in need.

As always, we have the lyrics written below for you, and you can check out Trudo on his Facebook page. Be sure to come back next week so you can see Trudo next year.


New Year

Odd numbers have always been for me a little bit disquieting so 12 sounds nice
In some ways I'm sad to see it go in other ways I think it's fine
There's been some things I've been amazed by and some thing I hope that you're ashamed by
This week is much the way it's been I'll give the run down here again and hope you like

Just as the , the search for the It's always the students on the line
So and
This year, well, it's a different time
Break down what ever's in your way,
The back again
And local businesses

It's a new year, another chance to do it right

And making Christmas gifts that count folks payoff layaway accounts
And don't ask for credit for the deed
Subtract the desire for the praise I promise
That you'll be amazed what you achieve
, complete that list of things to do
Help out some folks the only way to make it real is on your feet.

It's a new year and another chance to do it right
It's a new year, take a chance laugh a lot, .

Andrealistic December 30, 2011 at 01:39 PM
Looking forward to more Kevin in 2012.


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