Boulder Hill Sidewalks Need Snow Removed

Snow and ice covered sidewalks are a hazard

I wanted to comment about the sidewalks in Boulder Hill.  I really wish the residents had the decency to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks so the kids and parents can safely walk to school.  Instead, I see children walking in the busy streets with cars driving by too fast and buses going by.  Or the kids are slipping, sliding and falling on the sidewalks.  Would you accept those conditions at a local business?  I think not.  Just this morning I saw a woman struggling to push a stroller through the snow and ice covered sidewalks just to get her other children to school. 

I understand not all residents are capable of cleaning their sidewalks because of health reasons.  But the route we have been walking for four years now, I pretty much know who is capable and who isn't, and all but one resident is capable. 

Also, I know this is an issue almost everywhere, not just confined to Boulder Hill. Residents, I urge you to please consider doing your part for the community and make it safe for us to travel on these sidewalks.

God forbid someone falls and breaks an arm on these sidewalks...maybe it takes a lawsuit to help them find their shovel.

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Greg Nelson February 28, 2013 at 04:08 PM
I have older kids and yes I drove them to school (Private School). So I pay taxes and I pay for school (Private and College) and I shovel my walks and two others (older people) Mike. The issue is that the plows run all too fast and should not be moving snow into a sidewalk area period. The walks are public right of ways for people not cars, and if the mail carrier takes the short cut thru the yard it is because they can't get at the walks. The Law is on the books to aid those that shovel not the lazy people. I think for the most part people try and get the walks clean but when a home of 3 or more able people sit inside and do nothing well I can that LAZY. ON another note way to go FOX VALLEY PARK DISTRICT (NOT) the trails never get cleared but Oswego PD gets it done why not you!
mike ellison February 28, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Greg- you obviously don't live on one of the major streets in Boulder Hill. It's impossible to keep the sidewalks clean due to the frequency at which the snow plows drive past the houses. With the sidewalks next to the street, the plow pushes the all the snow from the street right onto the sidewalk. So even with a 2-3" snowfall, you'll see maybe a 1' of snow on the sidewalk. That's why you'll see very few cleared sidewalks on the major streets in the subdivision. Are you even familiar with BH? Almost all the sidewalks were built right next to the street with no parkway in between. There are no shoveling laws that cover the subdivision and that's a good idea considering the situation. The side streets and cul-de-sacs might only get plowed one time after a snowfall and you'll see that many of those streets are clear. Do you think that's it's coincidental that all the lazy people live on the major streets or that you have no idea what you are talking about and that there's a reason for those people not shoveling?
Greg Nelson February 28, 2013 at 05:56 PM
I lived in BH for many years and even had a paper route for years (70's), so I understand the issue better then 99.9% of people. Back then people took pride in the home and frankly LAZY is the norm today even in towns where the street is setup properly with a barrier between. BH is not different because look at Aurora walks or Oswego walks they all are not taken care of properly. Taking pride can make a difference and maybe talking to the township about a solution would be better time spent then talking about why it is hard to have nice walk ways and taking an action forward. One other note got to love all the cars parked on the street so plowing is all so fun, maybe a ticket would be in order for those people!
mike ellison March 01, 2013 at 08:12 PM
Are you aware of the fact that it used to be legal to park a car with the wheels on the sidewalk? I never did that, but some of the streets are narrow and people did that all the time. They then outlawed that which forced the cars farther into the street. A bigger issue in BH is the complete lack of enforcement of building codes by the county. There are so many cars because many properties have more than one family living in them. BH has been completely neglected by Kendall Cty government and that's contributed greatly to the overall 'look' of the subdivision.
Donna March 05, 2013 at 07:44 PM
We to shovel our side walks in BH, only to have the snow plow come by and throw it all from the street onto the side walks we just did! You expect us to go back out after the plow does that? I don't think so! I live on a corner lot and the plows have no problem making sure the corner of the sidewalk is nice and clear moving the snow into my yard. Why can't they figure out a way to not put the snow on the rest of the sidewalks??


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