Everyone's a Critic: Walmart

Your weekly chance to share your reviews of local businesses. Let your voice be heard!

Welcome back to Everyone's a Critic. This feature was initially designed as a way of letting you review food and drink places in town, but we've officially featured every one of those. So now we're moving on to other kinds of businesses.

This week, let's talk about at 2000 Orchard Road. Ever since it opened a few years ago, Walmart has anchored that portion of the Orchard Road corridor. What do you think of this Walmart location? How does it compare to others you've been to?

Reviewing is easy. Just click on , and add your thoughts. You can tell us what you think of Schaefer Greenhouses in the comments below, too.

We think your opinion means more than any critic we could hire. So get to it! Tell us what you think.

Stan Bond May 18, 2012 at 12:06 PM
We've become regular shoppers at this Walmart. Their selection and value is good and employees are courteous and helpful. It has a neighborhood feel we enjoy. We also like the savings!


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