Everyone's a Critic: Chapala Tacos

Your weekly chance to be our Patch food critic. Just follow the link and let us know what you think!

Have you always wanted to be a food critic? Well, now’s your chance.

Welcome to Everyone’s A Critic, a new feature on Montgomery Patch. Once a week, we’ll pick one of the village’s many restaurants and ask for your opinion on it. You guys are the experts – you’ll know better than anyone where to find the best in town.

This week we're spotlighting on Baseline Road. This lunch-and-dinner Mexican restaurant is out of the way, but we've heard good things about their $1 taco. For more on the restaurant, check out .

Reviewing is easy. Just click on , and add your thoughts. You can tell us what you think of Chinese Wok in the comments below, too. We’ll put one restaurant a week up for review.

We think your opinion means more than any critic we could hire. So get to it! Tell us what you think.


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