BP: Local Station Received Bad Gas

BP released a list of stations that received gasoline known to cause problems in vehicles. One station near Montgomery received the off-specification fuel.

BP has released a list of stations that sold tainted gasoline related to refinery problem at its Whiting, Ind. plant and one station near Montgomery is on the list.

The station that received some of the fuel, which was known to cause problems in some vehicles, is a non-BP station – the .

The station listed did receive gasoline associated with problems related to the alkylation unit at BP’s Whiting refinery, BP said on a special response site created to offer information on the tainted gasoline.

Once the problem was identified, stations were instructed to stop selling the gasoline and to clean the tanks, BP said. Not all consumers who purchased gasoline at the stations may have purchased the problem fuel.

BP said not all cars fueled with the off-specification fuel will display adverse symptoms.  Vehicle owners who experience hard starting, rough idling, stalling, or other drivability issues are asked to have the car towed to a repair shop to be checked out and call 1-800-333-3991 or 1-800-599-9040 to make a claim.

Find stations in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin that may have received the fuel.



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