What Separates Champions from the Rest?

What separates champions from the rest? They see the risk of not trying, as greater than failure and other key principles that can make you a champion in your life.

This week I was reminded of a quote from Michael Jordan, “No matter what the game is, or who you are playing against, you have to want the ball.”   Everyone wants to play the game, but he identified what really separates champions from

You don't have to play a professional sport, be an award winning author or winner
of a TV Emmy to be a champion. However, champions do share some common
traits.  We can bring these same traits into our lives and no matter what you do for a living or the state of your life you can become a champion also.  These three
concepts are not intended to stand alone.  To truly find that inner champion you must bring all three into play.

First, champions are not afraid to make a mistake.

Some might even call them risk takers. A champion is not caught up in the paralysis of analysis, or what people might think or what if it doesn't work out or that they should play it safe.

They are not mindless, but calculating. They do weigh the risk but feel the greater
risk is not to try. They want the ball when the game is on the line.

Second, with champions the greater the pressure, the greater the focus or resolve.

When things get tough, when it looks as though all could be lost rather than hope
someone will bail them out or pray for deliverance, they look inside. They call
a meeting, they strategize, they block out the distractions and implement a

Others second guess themselves, champions don’t look back they resolve and focus on problem solving no matter how loud the crowd.

Third, when things great really tough, champions get creative.

They see possibilities where others see problems. They remind themselves of past success and dispute the doubt that could fill their mind.  Concentrating their
energies they look into options and consider new actions.

When things get rough in life it is easy to sit and curl up in a ball and hope
something takes away the pain or solves the problem. 

Here is a new strategy.  Take charge by clapping your hands together and saying, “we will figure it out.” It can change your day.  Get online and search about
options, call a friend ask for advice, enlist help into your project. Somehow champions find this process exhilarating and they get energized.

What is happening in your life today that is really draining you?  Would you consider asking for the ball?  And really going for it?

“…That’s why I love the end of the game.  Because it comes down to that one
moment when it’s all in my hands.  I don’t always have to take the last shot, but I do have to walk away knowing that I did everything I could to win the game.”

- Michael Jordan

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Marissa McClure Mitchell September 27, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Another great post, Barry!


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