Welcome East Haven Patch Local Editor Julie Weisberg

A note from your new local editor here in East Haven. Say hello!

Good morning, East Haven.

It’s my pleasure, as regional editor for Patch in South Central Connecticut, to introduce your new local editor at East Haven Patch.

I’ll let Julie Weisberg introduce herself below, and only say that we are very excited that she's joining our team. Julie is your go-to person in East Haven for:

It truly has been a fun, fascinating few months for me operating East Haven Patch as guest editor in your deeply involved, vibrant, community-oriented town. My email address (gary.jeanfaivre@patch.com) remains the same and I hope to continue to hear from you.

Here's Julie...

Hello, East Haven!  

I am honored and excited to be named the new local editor to serve this beautiful shoreline town. I come to you as as an experienced, award-winning journalist, who has spent most of the last decade navigating my way through a variety of Connecticut newsrooms.

An upstate New York native and longtime Connecticut resident, I am excited about my recent move to East Haven: there is no substitution for living within the community you serve as a journalist, particularly when it comes to connecting and engaging with readers.

Community journalism has always been my focus, and I am excited to continue that here in East Haven.

When I interviewed for this job, I was told over and over that East Haven is a newsy town. And so I am looking forward to keeping up with East Haven's news pulse, while maintaining that hyper-local, community focus Patch is famous for.

I am excited to share the town's stories with readers, and to continue to maintain East Haven Patch's role as an important information forum for you to share and contribute.

I look forward to working with all of you. Never hesitate to contact me with a news tip, a concern or just to say hello.

Ann Della Camera October 05, 2011 at 02:53 AM
Welcome to East Haven Julie, Now can you see to it that I get the East Haven Patch instead of the Madison one. I have to go nuts to grab the change city icon. Were glad to have you
Noah Golden October 05, 2011 at 03:26 AM
Welcome, Julie! I'm actually uses East Haven as a "beat" for one of my TV reporting classes at Quinnipiac, so maybe i'll see you around. We're actually planning on going to the P&Z meeting tomorrow.
John J. Flynn November 05, 2013 at 10:04 AM
Julie; I have read about Richard Fillapelli on your East Haven Patch Page. He is an informant for the east haven Police. In Fact the Police encouraged Fillapelli to threaten me with an ax. Fillapelli was a squatter in a house I own on Coe ave in East Haven. I can be reached at 203-561-0840 John J. Flynn @ clairvoyantcapital@msn.com Please call me. I am a victim of repeated home invasion. thanks JF
John J. Flynn November 05, 2013 at 10:16 AM
Just to give you a little more information; Police Chief Larababee was police Chief of stamford Ct for 10 tyears. I have 400 stolen checks cashed. 7 Bank accounts of mine in Stamford were looted. Larabee refused to investigate the 400 stolen checks. 35,000 unauthorized stock trades were executed in my brokerage accounts by 8 attorneyss from Bank America. Those 8 attornies cashed stolen cheks and falsely claimed to be my attoreny. When I subpoened the Bank for my own financial records, the attorneys claimed the stolen property was protected by the attorney client privelege bcreated when they cashed my stolen checks. I have fikled 103 small claim cases against my fiduciaries that and filed Rico claims which the court refuses to process. It waould make a very interesting articla. I can be reached at clairvoyantcapital@msn.com or 203-561-0840 Internal affairs of the Ploice threatened me and has done much worse. If you are interested in learning about Richard Fillapelli you shpould read the transcript from State vs. Riddle; fFillapelli gets paid to hurt people. Interestingly enough you will read how fillapelli was hired by a misgruntaled cops to kill two other huigh ranking cops. So Fillapelli cut a deal and was allowed to hurt people because of the imminity he was granted in exchange for his testimony. I have received 154 threats and continue to file cases in court which are all being dismissed by Judges Braffman, Patchen, Fitspatric, etc. 34 million was laundered and the Police prevented us from obtaining a single record of the criminal enterprise according to Rico.
Ann Della Camera November 05, 2013 at 02:24 PM
Welcome back julie Now can you please get me going to the East Haven patch. I keep getting the Madison patch . I live in East Haven and stopped reading the patch because of this. Hope this solves the problem. Ann DellaCamera@aol.com


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